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Carrier 21 is a Belgian band based in Antwerp. Their style is their own. It is a fusion influenced by electro pop, indie rock and lounge. Still they add some elements from contemporary electronic music styles but with respect for guitars and vocals.

Carrier 21's members are Stefanie Schaekers, lead vocals, Pieter Truyens, guitars and Luc Dooms, keys and electronics.


Stereo 03 - "Carrier 21 komt uit Antwerpen en staat garant voor bakken okselfrisse fun. Het trio komt splinternieuwe tunes spelen uit hun nieuwe album 'In The Cloud'. Single 'One Step Ahead' doet het beste vermoeden door een flinke scheut disco toe te voegen aan de electropop waar Carrier 21 ondertussen zijn handelsmerk van heeft gemaakt."

CrossRadar - "Once ‘Last Thing for Summer’ has established itself, the band’s sound begins to clarify – a heady techno beat that thunders along as a firm foundation, while atmospheric synths and fizzy guitars provide some enthusiastic instrumentation." www.crossradar.com

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